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Corflute® Sheet

Corflute® is a twin wall Polypropylene sheet for conversion into signage, packaging, display, surface protection and a multitude of other Industrial applications.

Solid Sheet

Solid profile extruded sheet. Available in Polypropylene, HDPE, HMWHDPE, and other polyolefin blends. Single profile and co-extruded profiles available. Various emboss finishes available.

Materials Handling

Corflute® box designs custom made to suit materials handling applications.

Protective Packaging

Corflute® / Fluteboard® is ideal for conversion into packaging. Used in sheet and roll form for protective packaging or conversion into material handling packaging.

Bulk Packaging

A range of bulk packaging items ideal for storage and distribution of bulky parts and loose product. Can be designed with collapsible sleeves or rigid sides. Both timber and plastic pallet base and lid are available.

Fresh Produce

Almost every type of fruit and vegetable can be perfectly matched to a Corex cost efficient farm-to-market stackable tote, box, dump bin or point of sale container.


Polypropylene Bubble structure material. A robust and lightweight solution. A 3-layer panel, combining a central thermoformed layer and two solid sheets.

Point of Sale Displays

Corex specialise in the design, printing and manufacturing of POS displays. Our Corflute®, being lightweight, printable, water proof, easy to handle and relatively cost effective lends itself to be used in all types of unique POS applications.

Cuspated Sheet

Corex cuspated sheet is a solid sheet extrusion formed into a profile with raised cusps on either a single side or both sides of the sheet.

Vine & Tree Guards

A specific semi translucent Green Fluteboard® with a high UV grade additive to ensure a long life for the application of tree and vine guards in the harsh Australian environment.

Divider Boards

Divider boards for the food and beverage industry and general packaging applications. Corex divider boards, also known as layer pads, are available in Fluteboard® material grades as well as solid profile Polypropylene sheet grades.


Versamount is a premium polypropylene Corex Fluteboard that has a routed profile allowing for bilateral flexibility. This enables Versamount to be contoured to form free flowing curves, shapes and interesting lines.

Fish Boxes

Corex has a range of Fish & Aquaculture products designed for the seafood industry.

Custom Solutions

At Corex we have industry dedicated service representatives that with our specialist fabrication department can help tailor a product to meet your specific product needs.

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