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PYREXIA™ Thermal Imaging

Pyrexia is an innovative solution for COVID-19 temperature monitoring. Developed with Corflute®, Pyrexia is an unmanned defence for schools, workplaces, retailers and more.



The PYREXIA BOOTH is a modular construction and fits any purpose big or small. The booth design allows for large slabs of wall for posters and advertising materials. We can screen print any message or media onto the outside walls.



The Thermal Imaging Tunnel is located at the entrance of the “Student Reception” for schools and positioned in applications in shopping centres and other places where children will need to temperature checked as part of the local population.

PYREXIA looked at several installations around Hospitals and Private companies. The general picture of the installation is a mess! They have tables, communication wires, power supplies, tripods, posts, leads and cables, special fences /gear to corral people to forming lines; with children, this is an accident waiting to happen!

In a school application, all students form a single line and walk through the tunnel. The tunnel creates a sense of the “theatre” of the process whilst ensuring that equipment is protected and secured, (no need for tripods, tables, ropes and cables that boisterous children could knock over)

The tunnel is fitted with a thermal camera system.

The camera focuses on the temperature measurement of the eyes tear ducts. The tear ducts temperature can be shown to be the most accurate spot to measure a person’s temperature.

If the temperature is above 37.5°C an alarm will activate. The staff on duty can then isolate the student and assist in the proceeding processes.

For more information, please visit www.pyrexia.com.au for technology specifications and use cases.