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Aquaculture & Seafood

The CoolSeal Interlocking Stacker Range -
designed for perfect palletising and logistics

The high volume water flow of the Live Tank Box

keeps the produce in peak condition

S-Bin - for bulk fish handling

Solid Sheet - Ideal for tank fabrication

Corex Plastics in conjunction with overseas partners has developed a range of packaging products and aquaculture systems to assist these industries.

CoolSeal Box System:

A fish packaging system and an alternative to EPS boxes.

The CoolSeal packaging system is the latest development for the aquaculture industry by Corex Plastics (Aust.).

The boxes are constructed from polypropylene, a material chosen because it is very easily recycled and because there is strong demand for the reprocessed material.

Corex technology is used to seal all the edges to provide a strong hygienic pack that is tough, eliminating the problem of polystyrene bead or paper fibre contamination due to breakages in other box styles.

Live tank Box

Specifically designed for the safe delivery of live produce.

  • Abalone
  • Mollusc
  • Crabs
  • Lobster

Excellent one-way packaging for live produce such as Abalone and Lobster.  High volume water flow through box keeps produce in peak condition.  Fits snugly into outer boxes for export.  Elimates necessity to repack.


The S-Bin is highly flexible. It completely breaks down for easy storage and transportation after it has been emptied. The side walls collapse and can be stored within an assembled bin.

A normal articulated trailer can carry upwards of 400 collapsed S-Bins.
The S-Bin weighs only 22kg (empty), making it easy to handle within a factory environment and light to transport where weight is a concern.
The S-Bin is loaded through a hatch measuring 600mm x 600mm. Depending on the application a plastic liner can also be used.

The S-Bin's stacking features make it both stable for transportation and storage. The footplate measures 1200mm x 1000mm and the walls of a standard S-Bin are 640mm high. The wall height can be adjusted, depending on the application.
S-Bin can be customised to your needs and are available in many colours. The walls are brandable for your company logo and other information. The walls are also completely recyclable at the end of their lifespan.

HDPE & Polypropylene Solid Sheet

Corex manufacture and supply HDPE and Polyproylene Solid Sheet products that are impervious to both salt and fresh water, making them ideal for tank fabrication and Aquaculture housing.

HDPE and Polyproylene solid sheet are available in a large range of standard colours and gauges.

Product attributes:

  • Formable
  • Weldable

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