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Vine and Treegaurds

UV treated Hothouse Sheet

Durable and Flexible Protection

Farm to Market Boxes

Vine and Treeguards

Corex Fluteboard® Vine and Tree guards have been specifically designed and tailored made to counter the rigours of the Australian terrain and climate.

• UV Stabilised Polypropylene
• Easy installation
• Protects against Herbicides, Sandblasting, Soil erosion and Vermin
• Rigid sturdy construction
• RE-useable and fully recyclable
• Accelerates growth for faster and better yields.

• Triangular and Square Guard design
• Tab locks or seam welded
• Color range
• Printing available.

Hothouse Sheet

Our Hothouse Sheet is a semi-translucent, UV grade twinwall flute. It is primarily used for creating access points in hot house applications.

Root Barrier

Made of recycled high density polyethylene, Root Barrier is lightweight, flexible, yet extremely durable and resistant to UV light, chemicals and fungus. The dimpled product profile directs the root growth downwards, encouraging deep rooting/anchoring and aids in reducing the possibility of root circling. Root Barrier can also assist plant growth, acting as a channel for water delivery directly to the plant/tree roots.

Available in 600mm, 900mm or 1200mm widths.

Profiles available include:
• Conicle shape
• Square shape
• Punched holes
• High and low profile

The material applications include:
• Root barrier
• Protective membrane

Fresh Produce - Fruit and Vegetable

Corex manufacture a complete range of Fresh Produce Packaging for the use in the fruit and vegetable industryRanging from light weight picking totes to one way shipping containers for table grapes, asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms or tropical stone fruits: these boxes are manufactured from food contact grade Polypropylene Fluteboard® being water and chemical resistant.  They are suitable for cooling and wash down systems and are recyclable.

• Flat packed
• Light weight
• Water resistant
• Printable
• Custom designs
• Non Toxic