About Us

Corex Plastics (Australia) Pty Ltd was established in 1985 with the first hi-tech twin wall sheet extrusion line to operate in Australia.

Primarily established to service the growing demand for graphic arts and advertising display substrates, Corex quickly moved into more specialised areas of wet goods and durable packaging.

In 1991, a second and wider extrusion line was commissioned with an additional 3 new profile dies. Many new grades were introduced to enhance particular properties demanded by our rapidly growing customer base and, by 1993, Corex were making over 400 variations of the twin wall polypropylene sheet (fluteboard®), giving Corex the flexibility to meet virtually any customer’s performance and packaging requirements.

In 1996 a major investment was incurred to procure a third extrusion line. This line enabled the production of a 2.5 meter width sheet and with the very latest technology including co-extrusion. With increasing sales and ever-expanding product styles and manufacturing machinery, the company moved to a new purpose-built factory in Dandenong in late 1996.

In 1997, the opportunity was taken to procure another 2.5 meter wide extrusion line to replace the 2000mm line purchased in 1991.

1999 saw Corex diverge into the production of solid polypropylene and polyethylene sheet with the purchase of its first solid sheet extrusion line.  The company also increased its recycling capacity to convert off-cuts from products into reusable polymer granules.

In late 2003, Corex acquired the plant and machinery formerly known as the extrusion division of Nylex Limited.  This acquisition accelerated the expansion plans of the Corex business significantly. By drawing on the respective strengths of the two former competitors, Corex moved to broaden our product range and improve efficiencies in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

In 2008 a new solid sheet extrusion line was installed to enable the production of thin gauge sheet, in both mono and multilayer co-extrusion profiles ranging from 0.6mm up to 4.0mm thick gauges.

In 2010 Corex introduced the Armaboard sheet range. A smooth faced board with bi-directional strength and high optical whiteness making it an ideal substrate for digital printing.

In 2011 Corex identified with its customer base the need to adopt and implement environmentally sustainable practices and strategies and as a result, a new recycling division was formed. The Corex Recycling Division immediately developed and launched its 'closed loop program' to provide a socially responsible, 'cradle to cradle', waste solution service. This full life cycle, closed loop program now forms an integral part of Corex's business.

New die cutting capacity investment was also made in 2011 by way of a fully automatic, high speed, die cutter with incorporated heat sealing capabilities.

This investment in innovative technologies, product development and sustainable practices will remain our core focus as we move forward.

Diverse products from a top quality manufacturing facility

Corex’s Fluteboard® and solid sheet is used for literally hundreds of diverse applications such as signboards, solar heating panels, automotive tote boxes, fresh produce packaging, bulk packaging, divider boards, vacuum forming, slip sheets, pallets and steel and cable product packaging. Corex Plastics is vertically integrated within its manufacturing capabilities.

At its modern Dandenong manufacturing facility, it has a dedicated fabrication and design department where products are produced, custom-made to the customer’s needs. This facility includes 6 die cutters, guillotines, edge sealers, vacuum formers, routers, slitter, creasers, heat benders and other finishing equipment, many designed exclusively for Corex Plastics.

Innovative packaging concepts

We have developed innovative packaging concepts and many patented design ancillary fittings are now sold in all parts of the world. With a growing world export market (especially throughout South East Asia), sales are made to 8 different countries. The rapidly expanding world market demand and the dedication and commitment of our expert staff ensure Corex Plastics’ growth and success for the future.  Corex is well positioned as market leader in this style of product and will also continue to show the way with innovative and efficient packaging, fabrication and design, while still remaining a 100% Australian based and owned company.

We care about the environment

In recent years Corex has initiated an environmental sustainability philosophy within the business. This has resulted in Corex viewing itself as a custodian of the valuable Plastic raw material it processes and converts. To this end Corex has embarked in a focused recycling process that involves customers, third party recyclers and external sourcing of post industrial and post consumer plastics. Significant investment in 2011 in specialist recycling plant has brought Corex into world’s best practice in its recycling capabilities. Corex’s initiatives in this field have contributed to its recent recognition by its piers and its induction into the Victorian Manufacturers Hall of Fame in 2012.