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Congratulations Matt Nettleton - Young Manufacturer of the Year 2012

June 28, 2012

Matt Nettleton developed a passion for manufacturing and process improvement in his family's industrial packaging business in Canada. Matt had the good fortune of meeting Alan Whiteley, the then owner and Managing Director of Corex Plastics (Australia) at which time they made an agreement that he would add value to Corex during a three month internship or pay back his wages in full.

With this opportunity secured, Matt got his first taste of manufacturing in Australia during his summer break from University in 2006. In this three month period, Matt facilitated a full redesign of the process layout of the Corex factory based on principles of one piece flow.

Corex management offered Matt a full time position as Continuous Improvement Manager immediately following his graduation. In his time at Corex, Matt has doubled the production in a single shift, reduced material movements and inventory, whilst achieving OH&S targets and decreasing forklift traffic movements. With improved lead times of more than 30%, Matt has also developed new safety programs, implementation of quality gates and visual checks in critical production processes.

As Matt gained more experience in manufacturing he came to the realisation that there was more to moving a company towards manufacturing excellence than pure Lean Principles and began developing a Triple Bottom Line program that focused on training the Corex team members to reduce consumption.

Matt created a national recycling program that led to the purchase of a state of the art plastic recycling plant and the creation of a separate business unit, Corex Recycling in 2011. He has now embarked on increasing the amount of landfill bound material, as well as increasing the amount of recycle being reworked into new and existing applications along with selling the value add product to third parties.

Committed to manufacturing excellence and the ongoing journey this represents, Matt works with the teams at Corex and Corex Recycling, the High Performance Consortium and the greater community to make manufacturing projects and initiatives a reality.