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Fish Boxes

Whole Seafood Packaging Boxes

When working in the seafood industry, it’s important that your fish products are kept fresh and temperate throughout the process. Whether you are packaging seafood to deliver to restaurants or a seafood stall at the local markets, keeping seafood in good condition is not only a health and safety requirement, but essential for maintaining quality.

Corex has a range of Fish & Aquaculture products designed for the seafood industry. Each packaging solution is made to tightly pack in fish, crustaceans and other seafood, keeping it in good condition throughout transport and storage. Our product range includes:

Coolseal fish packaging system

Designed especially for the cold chain delivery of chilled fish. The coolseal boxes are designed with sealed edges which allow for improved thermal capacity as well as excellent strength to weight ratios.

S-Bin bulk fish container

A bulk fish handling solution. Specially designed for the bulk transportation of whole fresh fish in brine.

Live tank boxes

Designed for the handling of live crustaceans and abalone. Ideal for holding tank applications.

Leading manufacturers in packaging products

Seafood requires specialty storage and transport solutions to ensure the quality is maintained from catch to plate. At Corex, we have created a range for businesses in the aquaculture and seafood industry to support and store their products for longer. This is also true for all the other industries that we are able to cater for. From education institutes to food & drink stores, we are able to provide a range of solutions including POS stands, Corflute sheetsand a number other plastic products. With each design, we have worked to create sustainable practices, and are always committed to exceptional service for our loyal clients.

Contact our suppliers today

We are always happy to speak to new clients about your requirements, and offer advice and guidance on the best practices for you. If you have any questions about our range of products, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our suppliers. We are more than happy to assist you in your order. Give us a call on (03) 9238 1300 or fill out your details online.


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