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Point of Sale Displays

Manufacturers of Quality Point of Sale DisplayStands

The point of sale is the last location your customers reaches, and that final display can greatly benefit your sales and cash flow. The right advertisements have a huge impact on your company’s success, and Corex’s wealth of experience can help you create the ideal display.

With the Corex displays stands, custom designed to meet your advertising needs, you can entice customers to a final purchase or invite them to return again. Whether you are looking to push a product or display smaller products, Corex can manufacture a stand that is tailored to your needs.


Why choose Corex?

Corex products are perfectly suited for POS displays. Our Corflute®, being lightweight, printable, water proof, easy to handle and relatively cost effective lends itself to be used in all types of unique POS applications.

Corflute® is already widely used as the carrying medium of choice for advertising material for both indoor and outdoor displays. With its folding, cutting, welding and printing capabilities you'll soon appreciate the seemingly limitless ideas that can be applied to your next POS campaign. Make an enquiry with Corex to discuss the design and display that you’re after and we will be able to create a stand that is perfectly suited to your store.


Tailored display advertising for your need

With years in the industry, Corex’s services have expanded from display advertising through to wholesale packaging and wet goods. Our company is built on a mission to help businesses, with specialised solutions available for a range of industries. Since 1985, we have begun using new machinery, established environmentally sustainable practices and built our brand throughout Australia. Our POS display stands will help advertise your products, while our corflute sheets help with efficient product packaging and storage.


If you have any questions about our range of products, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the team at Corex. Give us a call on (03) 9238 1300 or fill out your details online to make an enquiry.

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